Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free Panic Attack Technique and Tip

It's been long.. don't worry, this blog still stays alive as you can I am still answering people's enquiries in the chatbox. I've been busy so I didn't have the passion and time to update this blog.

Anyway, here's an interesting technique and tip to help you:
  1. Candle-light Technique:
    This technique is really useful when you begin to feel the initial symptoms of panic attacks.
    Close your eyes and imagine you're in a dark room, there's a candle being lit in front of you.
    Focus on the gentle flame and try to picture it so real as if you're really in the dark room with the candle burning. Reset or clear all thoughts in your mind and just mainly focus on the candle's flame burning gently and relaxingly, then do your deep-breathing exercise.
    It really helps!

  2. Sleep:
    I know this sound ridiculous but it can help you. It has happened to me a few times already... I was taking the bus or the train and I begin to feel the initial symptoms of panic attack. But during those days I was very-very tired, I slept less than 6-hours per day. And believe it or not, I fell asleep afterwards. I automatically woke up later and I realize I was no longer in fear! It's like.. I don't have any symptoms at all and I don't fear of any panic-attack, it was as if I'm invulnerable to it.

Anyway, good news everyone.

My panic attacks have improved so much that I'm living and enjoying life again. Therefore, I am currently in the process of writing an e-book that I promise you that it will HELP your panic attacks or anxiety-related problems a LOT or even CURE your panic attacks or anxiety-related problems! In this blog, as you know, has around 3-4 techniques that I've shared with you for free and it has helped tremendous amount of people. In the e-book, there will be 15 or more techniques! There are useful and wonderful tips too.

I will announce it in this blog when the e-book is done. All the best and live with passion!


Anonymous said...

Really good job. I'm 15 years old girl from Sweden and I love this blog.. I can't imagine how it was to be alone and handle the panicattack in 7 years..! I got my first panik attack for 5 months ago, and your tips really helped.. I really can't imagine how much U worked with yourself.. Take care