Friday, December 19, 2008

Self-Esteem & Panic Attacks

This entry is slightly related to the entry about the Belief System.

Shockingly, believe it or not, Self-Esteem plays a very important role. If you have low Self-Esteem, you will have Panic Attacks very easily. Worststill, if you do not fix your low self-esteem, it will start to get worst and that's the point when you might hit into depression. I've read numerous reports and medical articles to justify that statement. The most horrible thing that you could get when you're having a low self-esteem - your self-confidence will deteriorate and you will start to have Self-Doubt, you will doubt whatever you do and you would always tell yourself things like "I can't do it," "it is impossible to overcome my panic attacks!" or "Panic attacks are gonna be forever in my life..." (quite the same as the belief system, isn't it?)

Seriously, low self-esteem have many negative consequences (you can google on this).
One of the negative consequence is you will fear of change in life: having a family, moving to a new house, getting a new job, travelling overseas and many others. Your life would be full of anxiety.

It is said that the causes of low self-esteem may be due to, not limiting to, bad childhood and such.

Improve your self-esteem and you will improve your self-confidence. It MAY improve your self-doubt but if you've read the belief system entry, you know you need more steps than that. One way is to change your thoughts and belief. If those negative self-doubt like "I can't do it" comes to you, change it to "I CAN do it." That is why if you go to workshops on self-help or business-related, the first thing they will do is to improve your self-esteem.

Also, Hypnotherapy can also help your Panic Attacks and even your life! Many people have misconceptions of Hypnotherapy like it can make you do unwanted things, you won't be hypnotized easily, and other doubtful or negative misconception.

Don't worry, Hypnotherapy won't make you do unwanted things or anything beyond your will. Your mind has the ability to accept it or reject it; your morality is in your mind too. So don't worry. Frankly speaking, I have tried Hypnotherapy on confidence and miraculously, it worked for me. No joke on this, I am serious.

"...example of a hypnotic state is being on the computer. People who are using a computer are focused on what they are doing, but can intelligently answer the phone when it rings. "
- quoted from Steve G. Jones' website

A Trustful Clinical Hypnotherapist that I recommend:
Steve G. Jones (click his name to visit).

He has a good reputation of being a Hypnotherapist. He was invited and being interviewd by CNN, Fox News and so on. Also, here's a video of him teaching about NLP (which I discussed in one of my older post) for free - about collapsing bad Anchors like Fear, Bad Experience and so on. You may wonder, "What is anchor?" Ok, have you ever listened to certain songs and it reminds you of someone or somewhere? Or do you have some feelings being evoked within you when you see your photo album? Yes, that is anchoring.

Here are the few things I recommend you to listen when you visit his website:

  • Confidence Hypnosis (it's at the left column, 2nd category entitled Popular Hypnosis Products) - it helps to increase your self-confidence abundantly. If it has worked for me, it might work for you.
  • Panic Hypnosis (it's at the left column, 3rd category entitled Self Hypnosis MP3s & CDs) - helps you to combat Panic Attacks. For your information, I have not tried this yet.
  • Low Self Esteem (it's at the right column, 1st category entitled Self Hypnosis Titles) - helps you to have high self-esteem. This is important because a person with low self-esteem will have a hard time recovering his panic attacks fully.

Steve G. Jones - Clinical Hypnotherapist's Website

Or learn NLP by yourself: Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny

Lastly, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Make a resolution to overcome your panic attacks and live life again! I wish you all great happiness =)


Anonymous said...

i think the hypnotherapy wrks! it has been 2weeks n i cn feel the difference!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I agree that low self-esteem is linked to panic attacks.

There is a very interesting article in wired magazine about the Placebo effect. Not only do people feel the effects of fake drugs, but they can also not feel the effects of real drugs if they don't believe they will work.

You can see that the human mind is so powerful that our opinion and beliefs frequently have physical effects on our body. For that reason it's vital that you believe that you can stop having anxiety attacks. Whether you believe you can get better or not, whatever you believe about yourself is likely to become true.

I know people who claim that panic attacks do not exist. When I first heard this view I got angry and defensive. But later I realised that for those people, they cannot imagine having a panic attack. Therefore they will probably never have one.

Lastly, always remember that *breathing* has a large part to play in feeling anxiety -- you will probably be breathing too fast and shallow if you're panicking. Slow down your breathing as much as physically possible and you will force your body to become calmer.

Thanks for this blog.