Monday, September 29, 2008

Belief System and Panic Attacks

Before I start elaborating on the relation of the Belief System and Panic Attacks, I would first like to give you a few other tips to cope Panic Attacks or Anxiety.

If you feel that most of the techniques didn't really work, the other good tip is asking a friend to accompany you whenever possible. Say taking public transport or an outing, a friend is a good way to distract you or rather stop you from thinking your Panic Attacks.

Also, try thinking of happy thoughts whenever your mind is being bombarded with negative thoughts. For an example, when you're in a plane you will start to think those negative thoughts like a possible terrorist attack and such. Instead, think of happy or positive thoughts like what is the first thing you're going to enjoy once you reached your destination? Can you imagine yourself walking around the destination area joyously and enjoying the beautiful view?

And lastly, I'm sure there are people who are still confused about the post on using distraction. They wonder what do I really mean or how it actually works.
Have you ever had a conversation with your friend and suddenly someone interupted your conversation and later you forgot where you were? That is what I'm referring to when I'm explaining on using the distraction technique. You need to stop the train of thoughts when you're having Panic Attacks.

Ok and now I will talk about the Belief System. And here's the good news! The Belief System need not just be for coping or handling your Panic Attacks, it can help your life too!
I've been told that the documentary-movie The Secret actually teaches you a little of it. Those who are interested, you can watch the FULL movie here for FREE: The Secret (Please do bear in mind that I have not fully watched the whole film. So what I've wrote could be different or even contradict from the documentary).
Believe me on this - the belief system is so powerful that it is what moulds your life. If you believe life is cold or selfish, it WILL happen. But if you believe life is something which you should live happily, you WILL have a happy life. If you believe that your future is blight, it will happen; but if you think your future is going to be successful, it will happen! You will realize your belief will change your behavior, which in turn, change your response towards thing and it will change your life.

I was intrigued by the Belief System after numerous incidents. One of them is when I was nauseous quite some time ago; my brain kept thinking that I am going to vomit soon and there is no way to stop it - with such a thought, the nausea got worser and worser to the point that I nearly wanted to vomit! My face turned pale and such. Then I realize that my condition got worse because my mind was bombarded by that belief that I am going to puke! And it is just a small belief and it could make such a change!
Isn't it same for Panic Attacks or Anxiety? You kept believing that your attacks are going to come and there's no way to stop it! Such negative thoughts kept bombarding your mind and worststill you didn't do anything and let the bombardment keep going on. Thus, it is no surprise that such thoughts will start a minor panic-attack and slowly make it to a full-blown. And for Panic Disorder? It is your belief that it will come any time or it will never go away or be recovered. I can say this is the "learnt behavior" which I coined in my previous entry.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) does this - it changes such negative beliefs so that you can stop having those Panic Attacks or Anxiety. Perhaps it works for people who suffer from Depression even, who knows?

Lastly, I am trying to research whether Psychiatry is "fake". Yes, it is a very interesting topic which I MIGHT research on. I emphasize on the "might" because as you know that I've started schooling, my time schedule is very packed.


OnaTutors said...

Wow! What a post!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all and good luck with your studies.

I'm going to print this post out so I can use it for myself and to help others.

Thank you, THANK you, THANK You, THANK YOU...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. The mind is very powerful in the way it can effect you physiologically. But I don't know that if the road to recovery is exactly the same for everyone. Theoretically it does make sense, however people are emotional beings and I think you have to be gentle with yourself. I have this viewpoint that you need change your beliefs and challenge them etc. which is true. All I'm saying is that it can take longer for some to unlearn the thoughts and behaviours which create anxiety. But then again, it can happen just like that. So have faith and patience and forgive yourself.

Seng said...

Ah, thank you for the compliment.

Yes, I agree with you - it takes some time for people to unlearn and actually change their belief system. As long as they know about the belief system, they will know the root of the problem and knows how to solve it.

Thank you and I wish everyone the best of luck =)

Anonymous said...

Here's a tip...
Try thinking about other people. It's hard to worry about your own problems when you're making someone else's life better, and it makes you feel good at the end of the day.