Monday, August 4, 2008

The Ultimate Tip/Cure/Remedy

Ok, it has helped me alot but I have not tried it at a higher-level yet. Still, I will be publishing it here to see if it works for you. I would say it is the panic-attack 'cure'. I call it the...

I feel this works best when you start to have that weird stomach pushing-down feeling; the feeling as if you just jump off a building or on a roller-coaster ride.

When you blink, clear all your thoughts in your mind - blank it all up. Any negative thoughts that evokes in your mind - blank it up when you blink once. You truly need self-confidence, self-discipline and the need to tolerate or feel comfortable with the initial feelings.
Recently I had an unexpected panic attack, I blinked to get rid of any thoughts in my mind. Suddenly, other thoughts like "panic is coming! OH NO!" came bombarding my mind, I just blinked again to get rid of all the current thoughts in my mind. Whenever a incoming thought is about to come, I just blink. You might find this absurd but it works when you're in a situation. Try this!

Remember - Every blink clears your mind, it kills whatever thoughts.
You need to practice this with self-confidence, self-discipline and tolerance on the initial symptoms. And I can guarantee you you will feel better immediately!
Most importantly, use it to clear any thoughts (any thoughts that of impossibilities or concerns) when you feel an attack is coming. Keep 'blinking' till you feel better.


Anonymous said...

The only problem I would have this this technique is that I tend to get dizzy and my vision distorted during my panic attacks. I think blinking again and again would not help this symptom. Is there another variation that you know of?

Seng said...

If that is the case, try the other techniques like "distraction".

Access the "tips" section. There are 2 of it, so you can try reading them.

All the Best,

jusuf said...

I think this method has merit in that it actually interferes with a sensory channel.
If the situation were a REAL life-threatening situation, you would require ALL the visual input you might get. Blinking "mutes the visual input" and can perhaps allow the brain/mind to recover from its over-stimulation.

I only wonder if blinking works predominantly with Visual types. Probably a soft humming might help Auditive, and a soft patting or firm and gentle grabbing of the arm might help Haptic types.

Seng said...

Hmm... I would like to thank you for your interest and feedback on this. And I'm sure you know that what we see, taste, smell, feel, and such goes to our mind which does the "processing" of the information.

If we kill this processing process, it will stop the brain from giving signals to the other parts of the body.

Actually, you can use the blinker in other ways than just blinking - you can clap your hands too - it is just a form of trigger to 'clear' the mind - it is NLP. The reason why I used the blinker instead of other things is because... imagine you're in a public place and you just clap your hands, people might think you're nuts. The blinker is at least not so obvious to the public.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm 18 years old and I have really bad anxiety every day do u have anything else I can do to help my panic attacks and overall anxiety because the blinker isn't reAlly working for me. It would be deeply appreciates because I'm having a panic attack as I'm posting this comment