Saturday, August 9, 2008

QnA 1

This post will be replying to the questions from the chatbox.
I actually wanted to just reply my answers there but unfortunately chatbox don't allow long sentences.

MizZ Yana: Hi Seng, what do you usually do when there's full attack in public places? Or say in a meeting with yr boss? I usually get giddy and will go home. I just quit my job due to this.

Hi MizZ Yana, thanks for visitng this site =)
Ok, to put myself into your shoes..
So far, I have encountered 2-types of attack. Firstly, the one that slowly comes to a full-blown - you feel your palms begin to become sweaty; you begin to tremble alittle; you have that cold-flashes behind your back. Then you became even more alert and that is when a full-blown attack starts to come.
The other attack I encountered was, for an example, I took the public transport and out of nowhere I have that uncomfortable stomach-feeling as if I'm playing a roller-coaster. Then it starts to become worst and that is the full-blown part.

So frankly speaking, it depends on which attack you will encounter and what kind of techniques to be used to handle it. If you have that first-attack I mentioned (the attack that slowly creeps on you), try to excuse yourself first. Say if you take the public transport, alight the next-stop - remember, don't force yourself. If you're in front of your boss, let him/her know that you're having a panic-attack. Yes, don't worry, they will understand about it. Then tell him/her you need to be excused for awhile. During after those 2 examples, find a spot nearby to relax for awhile. Do your deep-breathing, muscle relaxation, blinker and visualize by asking yourself "what should I do later?" or "What is going to happen on the episode of my favourite show tonight?" - distraction here. Let yourself know - panic just come and go. And most importantly, you have to remember - the more you think of it, you're just fueling it. So do your relaxation techniques and not think of your attack through visualization.

Also, take note that the "Blinker" is used to clear your mind on any thoughts of anxiety. You can still visualize. Whenever a thought like "oh no! It's not working" or "crap! It is going to a full-blown!", should be eliminated by using the blinker. It is those thoughts that makes your panic-attack to a full-blown.
You have went through many episodes of panic-attacks and nothing bad has happened, so why worry about it?
And the "Blinker" can be used during the second panic-attack, the one that suddenly comes on you. But I don't recommend if you don't feel confident with the feeling yet or the self-discipline.

I hope this answers your question and if it didn't, please feel free to ask =)
I wish you all the best! Remember, life is a beautiful thing.. we should be enjoying it!

someone: Hi. i only can understand half of the sounds and second half are difficult to understand. isn't there any other version for other languages like Farsi?

Hey someone, thanks for visiting =)
Yes, you can still read other versions on it. However, you have to use an online translator to translate the English language to Farsi.
A good translator can be used here: English to Farsi

This will end our QnA 1. If anyone else has any questions, please do post them on the chatbox of this site.

All the best and take care, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Well,I'm twelve and writting a book series in which one character experiances a panic attack during the story (but it's her first one,and she dosen't have panic disorder.) I've read about all the symptoms,but how do they look from the outside? I've never seen or experianced one,so please help me?

Seng said...

Eh, actually this site is only meant for researching on Panic Attacks, but I will help you.

From the outside, you can see a person whom have Panic-Attacks feeling very uncomfortable. When he is sitting, he hunches his back. His palms will be alittle sweaty and trembling from 'fear'.
He breathes very rapidly. His eyes will be always looking around and he's very alert with the surroudings. Lots of movements (like trying to sit in a more comfortable position, etc) can be seen.

When it has become a severe attack, he hunches even more and wants to leave the place which he is at immediately.