Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Mistaken Chain

Have you ever get excited over something and anxiety starts to creep on you?
For other words, imagine you have something really important tomorrow (say, a date or an important meeting) and you start to have anxiety attacks during the night before that very important day.

The reason why this happens is because of the "mistaken chain".
As we all know the symptoms of panic-attacks: sweaty palms, a fast heartbeat, alert with the surroundings, etc.

And when there's an important event tomorrow and of course, we tend to have those symptoms too. What happen is, your mind (or you) immediately think of an impending panic-attack or anxiety. Apparently, you will know what happen - you begin to fuel your minor panic-attack to a full-blown!
So you always need to ask yourself this, "why am I nervous?" You have to ask yourself the cause of it. If you're nervous because there's an event tomorrow, tell yourself: "Ok, there's an event tomorrow.. this is not an anxiety.. I'm just excited about tomorrow" then immediately, break your pattern by doing your deep-breathing.
Also, learn to relax your muscles and visualize as you do so.

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Anonymous said...

I have been on prozac, then zoloft, and finally prozac (different doctors) for about 20 years. When first on Prozac I lost about 8 pounds. This is so immature, but I truly believe it is not only my concern. I am wondering if I get off the Paxil, will I gain the 8 pounds back? Thank you, lynn r.

Seng said...

Hey Lynn R,

I recommend you tell your doctor about your weight-loss. I do hope you know that if you have any negative side-effects like you're having now, you should inform your doctor immediately. I am sure they will prescribe you to a better type of medication.

Please do keep in touch by asking in the chatbox in the future, I hope you will feel better then.

With Regards,

Becky said...

Thanks for the site and the comment box. I've started having panic attacks within the past year, and if I may say, they suck. The frustrating part for me is not knowing when they'll rear their ugly little heads. Like at 3:00 AM for no apparent reason, while I'm sound asleep for once! In any case, just wondering if any women out there who are beginning menopause are experiencing them more so than before? I'm grasping at straws hoping that's what part of the cause of mine.
Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

i have been afraid for a long time and tryed every thing need help

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! if you're in peri or in menopause stage -- Hormones arena is a great factor of panic and anxiety.
Even if you're not --- We females have to deal with all sort of hormone levels -- up and down all thru our child-bearing age and stages, challenging our bodies.
Do get checked out by your OB-GYN!
FSH testing is what you're looking for.
Good luck to all!