Sunday, July 20, 2008

A few great tips on panic attacks

Yes, I have been using these techniques and have been helping me ALOT.
There have been a few times when I had an attack while taking the bus, and after that event, I will usually feel VERY nervous to take the bus next day or so. Those whom have panic attacks will know what I mean.

Ok, and this very strange incident happened. I remember the next day, I was waiting for the bus... my palms were sweating, a symptom of an impending panic attack. I was listening to my mp3-player, blasting songs to my ears. I remember I was listening to this particular song and I tried to imagine myself being the guitar-player or the drummer and try to rhythm with the beats - I picture myself in a concert as the guitarist or drummer, concentrating and focusing the beats as the crowd cheered for me. And guess what? Before I even realised it, I was near my stop! The attack didn't happen at all! And I started to wonder what made me went through without even having an attack... then I realised it is my mind. I was so busy visualising or daydreaming that I "forgot" about my attack!

If you have studied NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming; if you don't know about it, do a search on the google search bar at this blog), it is a conditioned pattern or habit. You need to break this habit! The easiest way is to keep your mind busy on something! Sometimes, a friend accompanying you is a good way too, because you're so engaged in the conversation, you "forgot" about the attack. So why don't you try this? Keep your mind so engaged to something. But remember, don't do it if you're near a mid-blown attack! Don't force yourself, I repeat, DON'T FORCE YOURSELF.
I have been in situations where I forced myself and nearly had a full-blown attack.
I kept telling myself, "calm down! calm down!" but the problem with that is, you're urging and forcing yourself, which will worsen the situation. Take it easy!

Another tip I recommend is, understand and never force yourself. If an attack is coming, speak to yourself in your mind: "[your name here], are you ok? Should we get off the next-stop or excuse ourself right now to calm down?" If you want to calm down, do it! You need to accept and remember what I said from the previous post? My psychologist told me that a panic-attack is like a stone thrown onto the pond. Let the ripples fade off.